The C³ Dinner February 14th

By HAMPSHIRE HOUSE (other events)

Friday, February 14 2020 7:00 PM 10:00 PM

                                Please join us for The C³ Dinner

                              Champagne, Cheese & Chocolate

                                   February 14, 2020 @ 7PM

Sample our innovative and classic menu which will evoke your senses while
you dine on a menu inspired by the C³’s Champagne, Cheese and Chocolate.


                                         What to Expect:

Arrive to a warm welcome with acomplimentary champagne cocktail. You are
hen guided through an extraordinary 5 course dinner created by
Swiss Executive Chef Markus Ripperger.

Savor the sensuous flavors, smells, and textures, and challenge your palate
to discover. There will be some commentary on the compilation of the menu items
and the making of them.


                                             The C³ Menu

                                  Champagne Soup Trilogy
                                  Textures from the oceans
                                         Roasted meats
                                    Chocolate Indulgence  

         Tickets are $99. (inclusive of one champagne cocktail, tax and gratuity).

                       Make reservation early to ensure availability.

Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies at the time of the reservation. Our hand
selected Champagne menu will be available with Vegetarian and nonalcoholic options for more
information please call (617) 227-9600.

*Purchases will appear on statement as Cheers On-line.  All sales are non-refundable.

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84 Beacon St